Centre for Philosophy of Time

Department of Philosophy - Università degli Studi di Milano


General themes and questions


Time and Metaphysics

What temporal concepts are metaphysically more fundamental?

Is the present the only “locus” of existence, or does reality comprise the future and the past?

What is the structure of the temporal dimension, and what is the relationship between it and the entities that dwell it.


Time and Science

What conception of time do our best-confirmed physical theories suggest or rely on?

Do the special sciences, such as biology, require a distinct view of time?


Time and the Human Being

How should the phenomenology of temporal experience be characterized?

How do perceptual and mechanisms interact with the temporal aspects of reality?

How time enters the characterization of the contents of assertions, beliefs and mental states?

What are the time sensitive rules that our reasoning follows?

How the socially relevant aspects of our temporal understanding are reflected in variation across languages and cultures?