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Curriculum Vitae Eng. Version

Clotilde Calabi

Current position: Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Università degli Studi di Milano



Ph.D.  Université de Genève, 1992.

Certificat de spécialisation en philosophie, Université de Genève, 1990.

M.A. University of California at Irvine (USA), 1987

Laurea in filosofia, cum laude, Università degli Studi di Milano.


Field of research

Philosophy of perception, theories of  intentionality, collective intentionality, philosophy of action.



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Conferences and colloquia  (2000-2010)


  1. Philosophy Department, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Invited speaker at The Center for 21st Century Studies: “Musil on Moral Events”;
  2. Università degli Studi di Padova: Problems from Leibniz. International Colloquium: “Leibniz’s Mill. A Representational Account of Consciousness”.
  3. Università degli Studi di Torino.Emotions, Passions and sentiments.
  4. Università degli Studi di Pavia, Collegio Ghislieri. First meeting of metaethics and philosophy of language: “The good, the ugly and the evil””.
  5. Università degli Studi di Pavia, Freedom of the Will. Second meeting of metaethics and philosophy of language: “Sensitività to reasons, moral responsibility and freedom of choice”
  6. Roma, Università La Sapienza, Dipartimento di filosofia, Workshop on Moral Psychology: “Affective Properties”.
  7. University of Rjieka (Croazia), Conference: Perceptual Salience  


  1. Università del Piemonte orientale (Vercelli), seminar: The content of perception
  2. University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), Philosophy Department, Conference: The trivialization problem in perception theory
  3. Vietri (Salerno). Colloquium of the Italian Society of Analytic Philosophy: Intentionality and normativity (in coll. with A. Voltolini)
  4. Senso comune e fenomenologia. Colloquium (Forlì): Joint attention and shared saliences
  5. University  of Barcelona. Second meeting Milano-Barcelona of analytic philosophy: Avoidance of Trivialization and the Given-Supplemented Divide


  1. Università di Milano. First meeting Milano-Rjieka of analytic philosophy: Joint Attention and Common Knowledge.
  2. University of Lisboa. Colloquium of the European Society of Analytic Philosophy:  Joint Attention and the Muddy Faces Case.
  3. Università de Genève, Département de Philosophie. Lectures on philosophical psychology
  4. Helsinki, Fifth International Conference on Collective Intentionality: “In Search of the Phenomenological Glue: Joint attention and Common Belief”


  1. Fribourg (CH), Workshop on Imagination, Expression and Depiction: “The Puzzle of Occlusion. In Defense of Make-Believe”
  2. Reggio Emilia, Philosophy Department, Workshop on Pictorial Representation: “Seeing a cat behind a suitcase. The Puzzle of Occlusion”
  3. Rjieka, Workshop Organized by the Philosophy Department: “Perceptions, Contradictions and the Feeling of Awkwardness. The Waterfall Illusion”
  4. Genova, Meeting of the Latin Society of Aanlytic Philosophy, Comments on Sonia Roca-Royes, “Mind-Independence and Modal Empiricism”.
  5. Parma, Philosophy Department, Workshop on emotions and fiction: “In Mr. Tees’s  shoes”


  1. Geneva, International Conference of SOPHA, “Cats! The Puzzle of Occlusion”
  2. Parma, Philosophy Department, Invited speaker: “Cats! The puzzle of Occlusion”
  3. Parma, Workshop on Simple Seeing, Epistemic Seeing and Perceptual Belief: “The Blurred Hen”.