Research Projects

TRANSITION GRANT 2015-2017 The main aim is to explore whether and how  motor processes and representations may facilitate coordination around collective goals as well as to investigate how such 'facilitation' can modulate (or being modulated by) higher-order processes and representations, especially when coordination requires to make use of abstract reasoning, conventions, or social norms.

MOTOR PLANNING AND PRACTICAL REASONING - BRITISH ACADEMY LEVERHULME SMALL RESEARCH GRANTS Much recent research indicates that motor planning must mesh with practical reasoning, both in understanding and in performing actions. But what states and processes could explain how motor planning meshes with practical reasoning, and with thinking more generally? Disciplinary boundaries have obscured the difficulty of this question. Motor planning is a topic for cognitive science, whereas practical reasoning tends to be studied by philosophers alone. The project is to bring the two together in order to provide a framework for understanding how motor planning and practical reasoning interact in understanding and in performing actions.

ACTION REPRESENTATIONS AND THEIR IMPAIRMENT Neuroscience Programme sponsored by Compagnia San Paolo. The aim of the project is to investigate the cortical action organisation in humans from both a functional and computational point of view, elucidating its role in intention understanding as well as in related impairments, with special reference to autism.

NEUROPHILOSOPHY The main aim of Neurophilosophy is to foster research in both philosophy and brain science. It will run a series of lectures and seminars covering various fields of research such as philosophy of mind, psychology, cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience.

CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF SOCIAL ACTION The Centre for the Study of Social Action (CSSA) is an interdisciplinary research centre based at the University of Milan. Its main goal is to promote collaboration and interaction between scholars interested in the study of action from a philosophical, psychological, and social-scientific perspective. The Centre promotes seminars, workshops, and conferences, and hosts visiting scholars working on topics that fall within the scope of its research.

MORE GEOMETRICO More Geometrico is an interdisciplinary research group devoted to the investigation of the increasingly fundamental role played by geometrical and topological methods and ideas in physics, life sciences and cognitive neuroscience.

CENSES Center for the Study of the Senses Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London. The Center will run a series of seminars covering recent philosophical and neuroscientific research on the nature of our sensory systems (multisensory integration and cross-modal influences, sense of agency and bodily ownership, sensory deficits, sensory extensions and sensory substitutions, the cognitive penetrability and individuation of the senses).

THE KNOWLEDGE & ACTION LAB (KAL) - JORISS (JOINT RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR SCIENCE AND SOCIETY) The general goal of the Knowledge & Action Lab is to foster research in the area of the theory of scientific knowledge, traditionally designated as philosophy of science or epistemology. The Lab will take as a main axis for its investigations the problem of the relations between knowledge and action, and therefore, between the theory of knowledge and the theory of action.

THE SOCIAL SELF. SUMMER SCHOOL IN NEUROSCIENCE AND PHILOSPHY OF MIND - Alghero 20-27 September 2009. List of faculty: S. Aglioti, J. Bermudez, G. Currie, S. Gallagher, V. Galllese, P. Hobson, J. Hobson, M. Mameli, A. Meltzoff, G. Northoff, V. Redy, B. Smith, N. Sebanz, K. Sterelny.

CONSCIOUSNESS IN A NATURAL AND CULTURAL CONTEXT The EUROCORES Programme CNCC means to offer a platform for interdisciplinary research on the nature, origins, and dynamics of consciousness. ESF Conference: Self and Other in Social Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind (Alghero, 26-28 October 2008).

ESF EXPLORATORY WORKSHOP: MIRROR NEURONS AND SOCIAL COGNITION Speakers: J. Call, J.P. Changeux, G. Csibra, M. Gazzaniga, A. Goldman, P. Haggard, R. Hari, M. Hauser, D. Hutto, P. Jacob, M. Jeannerod, C. Keysers, W. Prinz, G. Rizzolatti, T. Singer, C. Sinigaglia, R. Viale.