Matteo Baccarini

University of Ferrara

Main interests:
Neuroscience, Philosophy of Action, Phenomenology,

Research information: My research is   concerning above all the relation between action and space and the way we represent our body. I'm also collaborating with the neuroscience laboratory of the University of Parma, section of anatomy, and I'm focusing my attention on the biological basis of the expression and comprehension of emotions.

Selected Publications:

Contini M, Baccarini M, Borra E, Gerbella M, Rozzi S, Luppino G.
Thalamic projections to the macaque caudal ventrolateral prefrontal areas 45A and 45B
(European Journal of Neuroscience ;32(8):1337-53 - 2010)

Lo spazio soggettivo dell'(inter)azione
(Annali dell'Universita' di Ferrara - 2009)