Mirko Farina

Mirko Farina
Graduate Student
School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences
University of Edinburgh

Main interests:
Neuroscience, Philosophy of Action, Phenomenology,

Research information: I am working on the Extended Mind Thesis, trying to push Clark's hypothesis a little bit further.

Areas of research: 1)Extended Mind; 2)Enactivism;  3)Externalism/Internalism; 4)Neural Plasticity; 5)Embodiment; 6)Sensory Substitution; 7)Cross-modal Neuromodulation; 8)Cognitive Extension;9) Augmented Cognition;10) Dominance & Deference Theories;11) Artificial Synaesthesia; 12)Consciousness; 13) Neuroconstructivism; 14) Neural-Darwinism; 15) Developmental Systems Theory; 16) Dynamical Systems Theory; 17) Individuation of Senses; 18) Extended Consciousness; 19) Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience;  20) Fundamentals of Body Representation

Selected Publications:

Articles in Refereed Journals/ Book Chapters

1)      Clark, A., Kiverstein J. & Farina, M. (forthcoming): "The Extended Mind", to appear in the Oxford Bibliographies Online. (available upon request)http://oxfordbibliographiesonline.com/subject/id/obo-9780195396577.0;jsessionid=5F870870183536E54105B713B2CB3055

2)      Kiverstein, J. & Farina, M. (forthcoming), “Nurturing the Mind: Extended Functionalism, Complementarity and the Deep Blue Sea”,  in Teorema – Special Issue on the Extended Mind - Editors Angel Garcia and Paco Calvo.

3)      A chapter (in progress, deadline July 2011) on Sensory Substitution with Prof. Andy Clark & Prof. Julian Kiverstein. I have already reviewed the scientific literature. It will be published in the Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Perception 2011. The book is edited by Prof. Mohan Matthen.

4)      A chapter (in progress, deadline May 2011) with Prof. Julian Kiverstein on neural plasticity augmented cognition and extended consciousness. To be published in F. Paglieri (Ed.), "Consciousness in interaction: the role of the natural and social context in shaping consciousness". Amsterdam: John Benjamins, forthcoming 2011.

5)      I started a collaboration with Prof. Erik Myin ( University of Antwerp) and went on to join "the Senses as Tools" Project. (http://www.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=erik.myin&n=14&pid=22681&more=0). We (Prof. Myin and I) intend to write a co-authored paper (in preparation) , which should be published in 2011.

6)      I will be writing (in preparation) with Prof. Corrado Sinigaglia and Prof. Julian Kiverstein a co-authored paper on Incorporation and the Extended Mind Thesis


7)      I wrote a review of "Supersizing the Mind" (by Andy Clark). It has been published in: Humana.Mente – Journal of Philosophical Studies - (ISSUE 14, JULY 2010) - book reviews - http://www.humanamente.eu/Book_Reviews.html.

8)      I wrote a review of "Cognitive Systems and The Extended Mind" (by Rob Rupert), It has been published in:  Humana.Mente - Journal of Philosophical Studies – (ISSUE 15, DECEMBER 2010) – book reviews.

 9)      I am reviewing (in progress) “ Perception, Action and Consciousness: Sensorymotor Dynamics and Two Visual Systems” – By Nivedita Gangopadhyay, for The Journal of Mind and Behavior (JMB). 

10)  I will be reviewing (invited by Prof. Julian Kiverstein) The New Science of the Mind:From Extended Mind to Embodied Phenomenology" by (Mark Rowlands) for The Journal of Consciousness Studies (JCS).

Contact Information


School of Philosophy,
Psychology and Language Sciences,
Dugald Stewart Building,
3 Charles Street,
George Square,
Edinburgh EH8 9AD