Sergio Levi

Sergio Levi
Research Fellow

University of Milan

Main interests:
Philosophy of Action, Religious Cognition, Freedom and Responsibility

Research information:

Sergio Levi studied philosophy in Milan, Geneva and New York, and obtained his PhD degree in philosophy from the University of Milan in 2002 with a thesis on the Problem of action. He published a book on Donald Davidson (Milan, 2001) and one on Spinoza (Milan, 2006). He has translated books by A. Clark, J. Fodor, I. Hacking, D. Davidson, D. Dennett, and others into Italian.
His research interests range from affective neuroscience and religious cognition to applied and normative ethics to the political role of emotions. In this connection he has published articles on various topics ranging from Wittgenstein on skepticism to the nature of tryings and the Naturalness of religion thesis.