Corrado Sinigaglia

SinigagliaAssociate Professor
Department of Philosophy
University of Milan

Curriculum Vitae
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Main interests:
Neuroscience, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind.

Reasearch information: My current work is mostly in the neuroscience, phenomenology, and philosophy of mind. Iā€™m interested in the enactive roots of social cognition and I have proposed a motor approach to intentionality.

Selected Papers

The bodily self as power for action (with Vittorio Gallese)
(Neuropsychologia in press)
Mirroring and Understanding Action
(in press)
The functional role of the parieto-frontal mirror circuit: interpretations and misinterpretations
(Nature Reviews Neuroscience, March 10, 2010)
Mirror in Action
(Journal of Consciousness Studies, 16, No. 6-8, 2009, 309-334)
Intention Understanding in Autism
(Plos One, vol. 4, issue 5, 2009)
Motor Cognition and Its Role in the Phylogeny and Ontogeny of Action Understanding
(Developmental Psychology, Vol. 45, No. 1, 2009, 103ā€“113)
Mirror Neurons: This is the Question
(Journal of Consciousness Studies, 15, No. 10ā€“11, 2008, pp. 70ā€“92)
The Mirror Roots of Social Cognition
(Acta philosophica 17, n. 2 2008)
Further reflections on how we interpret the actions of others
(Nature Vol 455 2 October 2008)

Book Chapters
Enactive Understanding and Motor Intentionality
(Enacting Intersubjectivity: A Cognitive and Social Perspective on the Study of Interactions by F. Morganti, A. Carassa, G. Riva (Eds.) Amsterdam, IOS Press, 2008, pp. 17-32)

G. Rizzolatti, C. Sinigaglia
Mirrrors in the Brain. How Our Minds Share Actions and Emotions
(2008 - Oxford University Press)

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