Casalegno Lectures, 2017 - Professor Robert Stalnaker (MIT)

Professor Robert Stalnaker (MIT)

Counterfactuals and Practical Reason

We are pleased to announce the Casalegno Lectures, to be given by Professor Robert Stalnaker. The lectures will take place at 2.30pm every day from Monday May 22nd to Friday May 26th 2017, room 431 - University of Milan, via Festa del Perdono, 3. 


Titles of the Lectures:

1. May 22nd: Epistemic and counterfactual conditionals

2. May 23rd: Against Humean supervenience

3. May 24th: Determinism and counterfactuals

4. May 25th: Decisions, games and counterfactuals

5. May 26th: Dispositional properties and strategies


Organizing committee:

Clotilde Calabi
Elisa Paganini
Giuliano Torrengo
Alessandro Zucchi
(The Lectures are funded by the PRIN Grant "Il problema dell'indeterminatezza" 2015L3BC35_002 and by the Department of Philosophy at the State University of Milan.)


In preparation, a reading group will discuss the topics at the heart of Prof. Stalnaker's lectures. The reading group will meet at aula Enzo Paci (Direzione del Dipartimento di filosofia) with the following schedule:

March 22 - h. 14.30:
- P. Casalegno (1997), Filosofia del linguaggio, Roma: Carocci (§5.6), pp. 157-163;
- R. Stalnaker (1968), “A Theory of Conditionals”, in N. Rescher (ed.), Studies in Logical Theory, American Philosophical Quarterly, Monograph Series n. 2, Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 98-112; reprinted in E. Sosa (ed.), Causation and Conditionals, Oxford: Oxford U. P. 1975 and in W. L. Harper, R. Stalnaker and G. Pearce (eds), IFS, Dordrecht: Reidel Publishing Company, 1981, pp. 41-56.
April 7 - h. 13.30: 
- R. Jeffrey (2004), Subjective Probability, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ch. 1, pp. 1-28
April 19 - h. 14.30:
- R. Stalnaker (1975), "Indicative Conditionals" in Philosophia vol. 5, n. 3, pp. 269-286.
April 28 - h. 12.30:
R. Stalnaker (2015), "Counterfactuals and Humean Reduction" in B. Loewer e J. Schaffer (eds.), A Companion to David Lewis, John Wiley and Sons, West Sussex, pp. 411-424.
May 8 - h. 14.30:
R. Stalnaker, "Counterfactuals and Probability", forthcoming in L. Walters e J. Hawthorne (eds.), Conditionals, Probability and Paradox: Themes from the Philosophy of Dorothy Edgington.
May 17 - h. 14.30:
R. Stalnaker (2011), “Conditional Propositions and Conditional Assertions” in A. Egan e B. Weatherson (a cura di), Epistemic Modality, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 227-248.
Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

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