Spring Session 2018

12/02 — Christopher Gauker (Salzburg), "Against the Speaker-intention Theory of Demonstratives”

19/02 — Jeff Pelletier (Alberta), “How to Make Some Many-Valued Logics be Useful”

26/02 — Vittorio Morato (Padua), “Concepibilità kripkeana e modalità epistemiche”

05/03 — Delia Belleri (Vienna), “Two Species of Merely Verbal Dispute”

12/03 — Robert Briscoe (Glasgow), “Models, Imagination, and Pictorial Understanding”

19/03 — Wolfgang Huemer (Parma), “Fiction: Neither Ornament nor Instrument – but Practice”

26/03 — Max Koelbel (Vienna), “Conversational Score and Harmful Speech”

16/04 — Massimiliano Vignolo (Genoa), “Testare empiricamente le teorie del riferimento: alcuni problemi”

23/04 — Carlotta Pavese (Duke), “Presuppositions and the Regress of the Premises” [CANCELED]

07/05 — Jocelyn Benoist (Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne), “A Realistic Approach to Fiction” [CANCELED]

14/05 — Dorothy Edgington (Birkbeck, London), “Counterfactuals and Indeterminacy”