New papers in the latest issue of JALs

The Journal of Applied Logic’s latest issue features two new papers by some of our group members. You can easily access them at this link.

M. D’Agostino, C. Larese and S. ModgilTowards Depth-bounded Natural Deduction for Classical First-order Logic

Abstract: In this paper we lay the foundations of a new proof-theory for classical first-order logic that allows for a natural characterization of a notion of inferential depth. The approach we propose here aims towards extending the proof-theoretical framework presented in [6] by combining it with some ideas inspired by Hintikka’s work [18]. Unlike standard natural deduction, in this framework the inference rules that fix the meaning of the logical operators are symmetrical with respect to assent and dissent and do not involve the discharge of formulas. The only discharge rule is a classical dilemma rule whose nested applications provide a sensible measure of inferential depth. The result is a hierarchy of decidable depth-bounded approximations of classical first-order logic that expands the hierarchy of tractable approximations of Boolean logic investigated in [11, 10, 7].

M. Fait and G. PrimieroHTLC: Hyperintensional Typed Lambda Calculus

Abstract: In this paper we introduce the logic HTLC, for Hyperintensional Typed Lambda Calculus. The system extends the typed λ-calculus with hyperintensions and related rules. The polymorphic nature of the system allows to reason with expressions for extensional, intensional and hyperintentsional entities. We inspect meta-theoretical properties and show that HTLC is complete in Henkin’s sense under a weakening of the cardinality constraint for the domain of hyperintensions.

Seminar announcement (F. Riguzzi)

We are all very looking forward to the first seminar of our Logic Lunch seminar series! Next Thursday at 12:30, Fabrizio Riguzzi from the University of Ferrara will discuss Probabilistic Logics. Save the date and join us on Zoom at this link! You can find more information in the abstract and flyer below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with our news and events!

Title: Probabilistic Logics

Abstract: This talk will present a point of view over the combination of logic and probability theory. I will first discuss two widely adopted logic languages: logic programming and description logics. After the illustration of similarities and differences, I will present how each has been integrated with probability theory using the so called “distribution semantics”. After a discussion of the semantics, I will briefly survey reasoning algorithms.


Passcode: nYfMF9

New Research member!

We are thrilled to have on board Costanza Larese, who has just joined us as a Postdoctoral researcher. Costanza graduated in Philosophy from the University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore, where she also received her Ph.D. with a thesis on the principle of analyticity of logic. She was a visiting student at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy and at the Free University of Berlin. Her research interests include non-classical logics, epistemic and non-monotonic logics, theories of bounded rationality, history and philosophy of logic, history of mathematics. Costanza is funded by the PRIN 2017 project “LOGIC AND COGNITION: Theory, experiments, and applications”. You can visit her website for more information.