Seminar Announcement (S. Beckers)

Our Logic Lunch Seminar Series continues this week. Sander Beckers (MCMP Munich) will give the next talk on March 25th, starting at 12:30. Save the date and join us on Zoom at this link! Please find more information below, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date!

Title: Causal Sufficiency and Actual Causation

Abstract: Pearl opened the door to formally defining actual causation using causal models. His approach rests on two strategies: first, capturing the widespread intuition that X = x causes Y = y iff X = x is a Necessary Element of a Sufficient Set for Y = y, and second, showing that his definition gives intuitive answers on a wide set of problem cases. This inspired dozens of variations of his definition of actual causation, the most prominent of which are due to Halpern & Pearl. Yet all of them ignore Pearl’s first strategy, and the second strategy taken by itself is unable to deliver a consensus. In this talk I offer a way out by going back to the first strategy: I offer six formal definitions of causal sufficiency and two interpretations of necessity. Combining the two gives twelve new definitions of actual causation. Several interesting results about these definitions and their relation to the various Halpern & Pearl definitions are presented. Afterwards the second strategy is evaluated as well. In order to maximize neutrality, I rely mostly on the examples and intuitions of Halpern & Pearl. One definition comes out as being superior to all others, and is therefore suggested as a new definition of actual causation.

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La matematica della filosofia (Pi Day 2021)

In occasione della giornata internazionale della matematica, conosciuta da tempo come come Pi Day, il Gruppo di Logica del Dipartimento di Filosofia “Piero Martinetti” dell’Università degli studi di Milano, in collaborazione con MaddMaths!, organizza un incontro rivolto alle studenti, agli studenti e al pubblico generale centrato sul contributo della matematica alla filosofia. Ospite dell’incontro sarà Marco Malvaldi, autore di gialli e romanzi storici di grande successo, oltre a saggi di divulgazione scientifica, tra cui il più recente è La direzione del pensiero. Matematica e filosofia per distinguere cause e conseguenze (Raffaello Cortina, 2020).

L’incontro, dal titolo Andare nel pallone: La causalità applicata al gioco del calcio sarà trasmesso in streaming domenica 14 marzo alle ore 18 sul canale YouTube del Gruppo di Logica

Un incontro sulla matematica della filosofia con Marco Malvaldi.
14 marzo 2021, ore 18

Seminar Announcement (R. Kuznets)

After a successful first talk given by Fabrizio Riguzzi, our Logic Lunch Seminar Series continues! The second talk will be delivered by Roman Kuznets (TU Wien) next Thursday (March 11th) starting at 12:30. Save the date and join us on Zoom at this link!

Title: Intuiting Duals of Proofs

Abstract: Justification Logic was introduced by Sergei Artemov, under the name of Logic of Proofs, in 1995 as a refinement of modal logic with explicit terms in place of the necessity/provability/knowledge modality. Over the years, multiple modal logics have received a justification treatment, which led to uncovering of the diversity of functional operators hidden within the modality []. For instance, while the K modality can be represented using only two functions on proofs/justifications (concatenation and application), the same modality of strength S5 is realized with two additional operators (positive and negative proof checker). However, the other modal operator <> has never been explored because classically it is simply a dual of []. In this joint work with Sonia Marin and Lutz Straßburger, we explore for the first time the nature of explicit terms for <> in bimodal intuitionistic-style modal logics, such as constructive modal logics, where De Morgan laws do not hold and the modality <> is uncoupled from [].

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