Permanent Members

Marcello D’Agostino — Full Professor of Logic

Research interests: Logic, Automated Deduction, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Information, Foundations of Economic Theory.

Hykel Hosni — Associate Professor of Logic

Research interests: Logical foundations of reasoning and decision-making under uncertainty.

Giuseppe Primiero — Associate Professor of Logic

Research interests: Formal models of dynamic rationality for intelligent mechanical and natural information systems, the semantics and proof theory of computational systems, the foundations of computing.

Post-Doctoral Members

Paolo Baldi

Research interests: Uncertain reasoning, Proof-theory and semantics of Nonclassical logics, especially Mathematical Fuzzy Logic.

Pere Pardo

Research interests: Dynamic epistemic logic, argumentation, deontic logic and planning.

Fabio Aurelio D’Asaro

Research interests: Uncertain and Epistemic reasoning, Temporal and Probabilistic Logics, Reasoning about Actions and Change.

PhD Students

Alejandro J. Solares-Rojas

Research interests: Information-theoretic approaches to logic, semantics and proof-theory of non-classical logics; in particular, non-deterministic and game semantics.

Francesco Facciuto

Alberto Termine


January 2019 — June 2019
Michal Fait
VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava