Our Courses

Our teaching, at all levels, is designed and delivered in continuity with our research. In the academic year 2020/2021 we will be teaching the following courses:

Laura Triennale in Filosofia

Laurea Magistrale / Master Degree curriculum in Reasoning, Analysis and Modelling

In addition, we provide a practical laboratory class:

In this class, an introduction to the LaTeX language is provided. Note that this is an indispensable tool for writing a master thesis with us in logic.

Here is a template that was developed during the class on the academic year 2020/21. It can be used for a master thesis in logic, and as a short guide to LaTeX.

You can also find here and here the videos of the two lectures of the laboratory concerning LaTeX .

Dottorato di Ricerca (Ph.D) su Mente, Cervello e Ragionamento / Mind, Brain and Reasoning

During the last week of January 2021, H. Hosni, P. Baldi and F. A. D’Asaro gave a mini-course on “Logic, Probability and Computation” to students of the Ph.D. in Mind, Brain and Reasoning. Click the following link to access videos from the course: