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25 | 02 | 2020

The Peirce Studies Center (CSP) is the first research center in Italy dedicated to Peirce and Pragmatism. Located at the Università degli Studi di Milano, the Center was originally founded by Carlo Sini and Rossella Fabbrichesi, two affirmed scholars who were among the first to introduce Peirce in Italy. The purpose of the CSP is to promote the knowledge and the study of Peirce in Italy.

Since its beginning, dated 1998, the Center undertook different activities, as the creation of a web site, a precious resource for every Italian researcher, the organization of lectures and conferences (in particular the international one held in 2005) and the publication of a series of texts that increased Peirce’s fortune in Italy. The result is an established academic reality, with courses, dissertations and research-projects entirely dedicated to Peirce. In the past ten years it was also created a solid backbone of scholars who now contribute and participate in the project.


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