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21 | 04 | 2021
Research Center


The Peirce Studies Center is located at the Universtà degli Studi of Milan, at the first floor of the library of philosophy.

The University address is:

Via Festa del Perdono, 7/3




In the year 2007 the CSP became part of the cultural association Pragma. The aim of Pragma is to operate as a point of reference for all the scholars and researchers in Italy interested in Pragmatism, both American and Italian.

The staff of the CSP is a part of staff of Pragma; the list of participants and their CV can be found by clicking this link.



In order to visit the CSP and/or to consult the manuscripts of Charles Sanders Peirce or to receive further informations about our research-activities, please contact dott. Marco Annoni through the apposite contact.


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