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Before and After Wyclif


Sala Napoleonica
Via sant'Antonio, 10


Conference Aims

The aim of the conference is to enhance our understanding of Wyclif's thought and his place within his contemporary intellectual milieu from the standpoint of textual dependence and/or influence.

We believe that the results of recent scholarship provide materials and insights for further enquiries both 1) into Wyclif's intellectual dependence upon certain authorities in the development of his philosophical, theological and pastoral teachings, and 2) into his own doctrinal influence on the subsequent scholastic and religious debates.

To this end we have gathered an iternational team of scholars who will tackle these promising issues.

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Anne Hudson | Oxford
Introducing Remarks

Mark Thakkar | St Andrews
Wyclif’s Treatise on Consequences

Alessandro D. Conti | L’Aquila
Oxford Realists’ Criticism to Walter Burley’s Last Theory of Proposition

Laurent Cesalli | Genève
Collectives and non-linguistic propositions in Wyclif (and before)

Ota Pavliček | Praha
Prime Matter before, after and during Wyclif's Life: The perpetuity of creation in the writings of Wyclif's friends in Bohemia

Aurélien Robert | Tours
Atomism before and after Wyclif: From Robert Grosseteste to Roger Whelpdale

Martin Dekarli | Wien
The Quest for ecclesia universalis in Late Medieval Bohemia before and after the reception of Wyclif’s Works

Graziana Ciola | Pisa
John Wyclif and John of Rupescissa: The Parable of Birds

Ian C. Levy | Providence, RI
Constructing a Catholic Eucharistic Theology in the Wake of Wyclif

Jindřich Marek | Praha
Jakoubek of Stříbro as a Wycliffite: The neglected testimony of his sermon collections

Kantik Ghosh | Oxford
Genre and method in the late Sermones Viginti

Sean Otto | Toronto
Anti-Fraternalism and the Sources of John Wyclif’s Sermones

Cecilia Panti | Roma
Wyclif and Grosseteste on universals

Stephen E. Lahey | Lincoln, NE
Wyclif's Doctrine of Ideas as interpreted by Stanislaus of Znojmo

Conference Organisers

Luigi Campi (
Stefano Simonetta (