Epistemologia (LM)

  • Inductive Logic and Rational Decision

This course aims at developing the basics of probability logic and its application to problems of inductive inference and rational decision. Familiarity with classical propositional logic is a useful pre-requisite for this course.

  1. Logico-mathematical preliminaries (from an elementary algebraic point of view)
  2. Probability logic (a.k.a. inductive logic)
  3. Probability, uncertainty and rationality


Timetable for 2018 (external link to Studi Umanistici)


Three written, in-class, tests, to be held at the end of each module. Those are not compulsory, but highly recommended. Three 30s make a 30 with no further examination needed.

Lecture notes

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A tutorial on conditional probability


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Topics in probability

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Logic and probability