Logica (LM)

An introduction to non-classical logics


CAMBIO AULA : Lunedì 16:30 e martedì 16:30 AULA 8 S. Alessandro

Module 1: From classical to nonmonotonic logic


Additional projects for topics covered in module 1

  • Makinson, D. (2005). How to Go Nonmonotonic. In Gabbay D, Guenther, F. (eds) Handbook of Philosophical Logic, vol 12, Springer. [A shorter version of Makinson’s 2005 book]
  • Tarski, A. (2002). On the Concept of Following LogicallyHistory and Philosophy of Logic23(3), 155–196 [It’s never too late to delve into the paper which fixed the meaning of classical consequence]

On the logical meaning of degrees of truth

Modules 2 and 3

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